Meet the Team

Alex / PSN: TapDatApp - Rank: ADMIN/CREATOR
Hey! My name's Alex. I'm an actor, Apple enthusiast, app developer, blogger, PS3 Player, and of course a HUGE LittleBigPlanet fan (it's my favorite game...ever!). I am also the creator of In the past, I've run a YouTube Account with Over 2 Million Views and I've written posts for several different popular sites. You can find me on Twitter as @TapDatApp. Contact me:

Emma / PSN: GlitterRose Rank: MOD/LEAD
Hi I'm Emma! I love playing games on PS3, including LBP of course! I am Alex's little sister, an actress, and an inspired author. I enjoy spending my free time caring for animals, acting, playing video games, hanging out with friends, & writing stories. I hope that someday I will be able to turn the stories that I write into books. I am very creative and love using my imagination to come up with many cool ideas! I have also starred in Alex's videos on YouTube in the past. I want to be a veterinarian and a famous author when I grow up. My dream is to help clean the world of it's litter and pollution, and also to save animals from harm. Contact me:

Eddie / PSN: edster962 Rank: MOD/WEB DESIGNER
Hey, my name's Eddie. I'm really into gaming, been playing since I was 7. :D I'm an artist, I draw/paint basically anything. I also play guitar & keyboard. I have a good sense of humor; you only catch me mad on rare occasions. :P Also, I really can't wait for LBP2 and I met Alex originally through the PlayStation Network. If you wanna Play • Create • Share together on LBP sometime, just ask. Contact me:

Vex / PSN: Vex_Doppel Rank: MOD/WRITER
Y'ello, I'm Vex. I'm older than your average sack; I've been playing video games for well over 2 decades now. Games I'm very excited for are LBP2 (of course), Killzone 3, & Mortal Kombat. I'm an ever growing artist. I enjoy sketching the most. (I'll make sure to post some.) I'm currently taking classes in Ceramics & Glass Blowing and you can bet I'm gonna *try* to make a Sackboy. Other hobbies I have include random crafts, Movies, Television, and Comics. I'm usually very up to date on all things LittleBigPlanet. Any questions, just ask me! Contact me: