Help Wanted!

posted Feb 20, 2011, 6:58 PM by Alex / PSN: TapDatApp

Hey all, Alex here, reporting that we need more help! I'm looking into building a new team that will be able to really help me support the site on a regular basis. It's not only hard to keep up with everything in the first place, but as other personal conflicts come up, it only takes my time away from the site, and we need more people to be there for it when I can't be but yet, still under my direction and working towards a common goal. Some of the main skills and positions I'm looking for when recruiting people this time around are:
  • General Coding Experience & Knowledge
  • Graphic Animation and Design Skills
  • Forum Maintenance, Improvement, and Community Communication Skills
  • Writing Experience (and of high quality work)
  • Confident & Experienced Creators in LittleBigPlanet
  • Producers, Sponsors, Partnerships, and Funders
If you think you might just fit the bill for any of these categories and are willing to donate some time and effort into the site, drop me a well-informed email at Try to include examples of your skill in the message as well. And speaking of "donate", one of the easiest and most useful ways of helping out with the website is always through monetary donation. And don't forget that with our secure PayPal system, you can choose to donate any amount of your choosing! Just click the button below to get started: